Content Creation

Editorial Development & Writing

Words are powerful. Well-crafted words can communicate a single idea, spread a broad message, entertain and inform, and—most importantly—inspire the reader to action. Quality content connects people with information they need and want. We can take the seed of an idea and through the process of listening, researching, organizing, and editing develop it into a tangible thing—a book or a whole series of publications. We know that the modern publishing world is highly competitive—there are seemingly limitless platforms for communication from all corners. We ensure that the idea of one person or the message of an entire brand stands out in this environment by being accurate, consistent, credible, and engaging—whether we’re writing the steps of a recipe, a bit of background, or simply a clever turn of phrase. Our writers and editors tell your story in your voice—in the clearest and most captivating way.

Recipe Development & Testing

The public appetite for the hottest new food trend, the perfected tried-and-true classics, the entirely new and fresh recipe, and the twist-on-tradition is seemingly insatiable. We work with innovative and knowledgeable recipe developers from around the country to create recipes that are designed specifically for your publication. Whether they need to adhere to a particular set of dietary guidelines, use a specific technique, or fit into a particular category, we deliver top-quality content. Once those recipes are on paper, our in-house test kitchen ensures that they work perfectly, that they are doable, and of course, that they are delicious.

Photography, Food Styling & Prop Styling

Quality photography is key to a great-looking book. Decades of experience in the photo studio have taught us every trick to making food look appetizing. Our photographers are experts at getting the perfect framing and lighting, and making everything look as delicious in print as it does in the kitchen. Artful food styling and thoughtful prop styling are keys to making perfect images. Our prop stylists call on our broad collection of props to create the look that best fits your brand. And whether you need the steak to look extra-juicy or the cheese to look tantalizingly melty, our food stylists know exactly how to make your food shine.

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